PULOMA is Your Style Discovery.  Our mission is to help people shine with their true styles.

PULOMA France only displays made in France/Europe products, because we believe that true style only comes from brands who respect and sustain the local quality. We are also commited to support local craft in France as this is one of the country's true assets. We want to support them to prosper and grow and ensure their sustainability.

PULOMA connects you to our brand partners directly. PULOMA is a market-place, which means that brands decide which products they offer on PULOMA, which styles they are, and they also fix their prices. You are essentially buying products directly from our brand partners.

Style makes your daily life more fun and colorful. What makes people look attractive, confident and natural? We believe that it is the style you have. PULOMA is designed for you to discover your true style - even if you are not yet aware of it - and find products that match your style in an intuitive way. We dream of a day where everybody wears her/his own style!

Meet our team!

Thibaut, co founder
Kentaro, co founder
Marion, brands manager
Iku, order manager
Lionel, developer

Nicolas, developer
John, developer
Johanna, graphic designer

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Press contact:
English: Marion Lesaigle (marion.lesaigle@puloma.com)
Japanese: Iku Hanahiro (iku.hanahiro@puloma.com)